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Positive Thinking like Thomas Alfa Edison

Thomas Alva Edison, an inventor of the world's largest, discovered around 3000 and the 1093 discovery of which has been patented. Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, United States of husband and wife Samuel Ogden, a carpenter and a teacher Nancy Elliott. Both are descendants of the Dutch. At the age of 7 years, small edison moved to the city of Port Huron, Michigan and educated in Port Huron. But not long, 3 months later he was expelled from school because according to her teacher "He's too stupid" and is unable to accept any lessons, she was often called an idiot by his teacher. 

The mother, Nancy Elliot decides to quit as a teacher and then concentrated to teach Edison literacy and arithmetic to calculate. 
"My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt i had something to live for, someone I must not disappoint. " 

That's how little Edison's words show that motivation inside of Edison's strong enough in learning. Once he could read, so Edison was fond of reading, he read what he met to read an encyclopedia, British History, Dictionary of Science written by Ure, Newton's Principia and also essay essay Richard G. Chemical Sciences Parker. Prominent is his penchant to think and read experiment. 

At the age of 12 of the sellers Edison newspapers, candy, nuts and cookies on the train, just as sellers hawkers that we often encounter on the train in the Indonesian economy.The advantage of the trade that he gave some to his parents and some of her savings as capital. Inside the train, he published the Weekly Herald newspaper as he entered the experiment in one of the railway carriage, after prior permission meinta railway company "Grand Trunk Railway". 

On a night Edison accidentally spilling a liquid chemical that causes a car almost caught fire. Because this case Edison ditampat conductor until his hearing is damaged, then he should not be employed on the train. But Edison did not consider that damaged his hearing as a disability, but instead he regard it positively as an advantage, so he had more time to think instead of listening to talk - empty talk. 

At the age of 15 years Edison teenage children lifesaving station chief who is almost run over by wagon train. Feeling indebted services, the head of the station was finally taught how to dispatch a telegram, Edison only takes 3 months to master these free lessons.After that, he got a job as a telegraph operator. 

The first discovery was that he patented an electric vote recorder, but because it does not sell, Edison finally switched to a more commercial discovery. Edison then find stock ticker or telegraph machine. The equipment is sold and sold 40,000 United States dollars (about 390 million dollars). Edison is almost - almost fainted at the sight of money. Edison used this money to set up a factory in Newark and recruit 300 people working at once, here he developed a telegraph that could transmit 4 news at once. 

At the age of 29 years, Edison set up laboratories for industrial research in Menlo Park, New Jersey. and within 13 months he found 400 kinds of discoveries that later change lifestyle most people in the world.

In 1877 he concentrated on the light bulb. Edison realized that how important this a light source for humans. He spent 40 000 dollars within a period of two years forincandescent lamp experiments. The problem is finding material which can glow when energized electricity but not burn. In total there are approximately 6000 materials tried.Through the efforts Edison, finally on October 21, 1879 was born the first electricincandescent lamp capable of burning for 40 hours. 1882, for the first time in the history of electric lights installed in the road - the road and at home - home.

It should ponder when the moment of success achieved, he was asked: What are the key to success. Thomas Edison said:
"I am successful, because I have exhausted the so-called failure. "

When he has lots of experience of repeated failures. Even when he was asked if he wasnot bored by his failure, Thomas Edison replied:
"With these failures, I even know a thousand ways for the lamp is not lit. "

This Amazing!!, Edison looked at a failure as a very positive thing. Failure is not defeat but as an advantage. Positive way of looking at this makes Edison was able to convinceothers to keep funding the project despite the failed repeatedly - repeatedly. Maybe thisis worth Edison principles we apply in our daily lives. That in fact we have neverexperienced loss, and indeed the loss stems from the attitude and views of our ownnegative.

Edison has been behind many valuable discoveries for human development. Printingtelegraph, electric pen, the mining process of magnetic, electric torpedo, syntheticrubber, alkaline batteries, cement mixer, microphone, carbon telephone transmitter andmotion picture projectors are some of Edison's invention.

Passing through the 1920s his health condition worsened and Edison died on October 18, 1931 at the age of 84 years.

I remember the words of Thomas Edison 
"Genius is 1 percent a brilliant idea and 99 percent hard work"
Thank you for being my inspiration

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